Construction Loans

Need to improve, extend or renovate your premises? Why not opt for a construction loan? A construction loan (or building loan) is a specialist borrowing product that’s taken out for the express purpose of financing some form of construction work. We are a new construction home loans broker that focuses on providing building loan options for businesses and individuals across the country. No matter what type of construction you wish to complete, one of our loans could help you get the job done!

Construction Loans Australia

Building loans could add value

There are lots of different circumstances in which a building loan could be a sensible choice: as a general rule, the financial benefits of undertaking construction on finance need to be greater than the cost of borrowing the money. Situations in which construction funding is a good option include the completion of repairs which are essential to the on-going safety and/or integrity of the building, or work that will result in increased property value. Building work might also provide additional space for a business, enabling higher levels of production or the space to start an additional service or employ more workers. In all these cases, we could provide the finance you need.

Good rates of interest on our construction loans

As a broker, we are able to give our clients access to dozens of lenders. The great choice that we offer enables us to provide loans suitable for many different types of business and homeowner. No matter what type of property you have or what type of construction you wish to finance, we’ve got a product that will match. Not only do we offer flexibility in how the loan is spent, we can also offer a range of options for loan characteristics such as:

  • repayment period.
  • instalment amount each month (we have some flexible instalment products available).
  • options for early repayment.
  • secured and unsecured borrowing.
  • sub-prime borrowing choices.
  • flexible borrowing, where the loan level can be increased or decreased as your construction project progresses.

Fast application, quick approval

We understand that speed is often vital for applicants that need to get the finance for their construction project in order before going out to tender or seeking quotes. Our application process has been carefully thought out to be as fast and user-friendly as possible: from online application through to quick decision-making and loan payment, we aim to be much faster than more traditional lenders.

Our team are on-hand to help with construction home loans

Our team of finance professionals are only a phone call away if you need any help with the application process. If you’re not sure that you’ll qualify for finance, are concerned about the amount you need to borrow or have any other queries, we’re here for you.

Take advantage of our cutting-edge loan provision

As a new, dynamic lending broker, we are determined to provide the very best service out there. Offering a winning combination of exemplary customer care and high-grade, premium lending opportunities, we want to become the broker of choice when it comes to providing our clients with exceptional building loan products.

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