Car Loans

Essential for many commuters, a car is also vital for leisure, shopping, the school run and many other purposes. If you need reliable transport, a newer vehicle is often the answer. Unfortunately, finding the necessary cash up-front can often be a challenge. That’s where we can help: Sweetie Lending is an innovative car finance broker that provides a great selection of car loans Australia wide. Whether you need help to finance your next SUV, jeep, estate car or van, we’ve usually got a form of borrowing that’s going to work for you. Take a look at the advantages which one of our car loans can bring.

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Freedom when it comes to where you buy your car

Although finance is often available for the purchase of brand new vehicles, what happens if you want to upgrade but still intend to buy second-hand? In these circumstances, a car loan from us could be the answer. Our car loans can be spent at any car showroom, including used car lots. This gives you the freedom to borrow responsibly, selecting a budget that will get you the newer car you need without stretching your budget too far.

Car loans from us offer the opportunity for bargain hunting!

If you see the car you want at a price that’s right, there’s no need to wait until you can save up for it: our fast, online application process ensures you can get access to the finance you need, rapidly. With quick decision-making and admin processing as standard, many of our clients are able to purchase their car within a day or so of applying to us. Compared with more traditional lenders, our speedier process enables you to take advantage of time-limited deals or snap up a bargain!

Car finance broker that gives you more choice

If you approach a lender directly, you will need to satisfy their criteria before you can borrow from them. If you don’t match their requirements for some reason, you then need to repeat the application process elsewhere. Rather than being a lender, we are a broker. This means that we use the information you give us in your application to search our database of lenders in order to find one that’s right for you. Because each lender has slightly different lending parameters, it’s often possible to find our clients a great deal, even if they’ve had problems obtaining car finance elsewhere.

Let us run through the benefits of using us as your finance broker

No Penalty

If you wish to repay the loan you take out with us early, you can! Unlike some banks and other finance providers, we won't charge a penalty.

Quick and Easy

Need to unlock funding but don't have time to waste? Simply give us a call today and we'll get you started on your journey straight away.

Lower Rates

Loaning money from a high street bank can quickly rack up the costs when you factor in high repayment rates. We assure that you can get best off.

Secure Process

When dealing with money, you'll want that everything is above board. Our platform is 100% - secure and we won't compromise your personal details.

What Our Clients Say

Best team in town and brilliant service. Always a pleasure to contact Gain home loans and love the way you deal finance matters with such a ease. They made my impossible loan possible. You guys truly rock and keep up the good work!! Thank you for your efforts and I cannot praise highly enough of Sweetie Lending.
Steve Ferris
Home Loan
Kevin and his team are brilliant in what they do. They understand the requirements and assessment criteria of all the lenders and fit you in with the best lender that meets your need. They always acted and communicated very professionally and kept me regularly informed of my loan right through the process.
Vera Umar
Commercial Loan
We were referred to Kevin by someone from our friend. From the very start he was very accommodating and he understood our needs for car loan. We were running out of time to organize the car loan but Kevin has went the extra mile and pushed our loan. Thanks Kevin and Sweetie Lending.
Tobie Frinady
Car Loan
When it comes to car loans, Australia residents may be concerned that their poor credit score might impact on their ability to get finance. Although it may reduce their choices, we have several lenders available who are prepared to lend to clients who may have sub-prime credit status. Speak with one of our professional advisers to find out more.